The resources vary according to course. Make sure to contact us before buying materials for a specific subject. Below are a list of both traditional and digital materials.

Books to Purchase:

How to Draw by Scott Robertson

“How to Draw” by Scott Robertson

Clicking these links take you to the publisher’s website, Design Studio Press. If you buy directly from them, you support this awesome independent publisher!

How to Render by Scott Robertson

“How to Render” by Scott Robertson

Books that can be accessed freely & legally online:

Figure drawing for all its worth by Loomis

“Figure Drawing for All its Worth” by Andrew Loomis

“Constructive Anatomy” by George Bridgman


drawing tools

Ballpoint Pen (Pilot Hi-tec C or any brand you like)

Charcoal Pencil 2B, White Charcoal Pencil, Regular Graphite Pencil HB

Kneaded Eraser, Regular Eraser

Blending Stump


Sketchbook (any size 6×9 inches or above)

*Note on sketchbooks: Loose copy paper or newsprint can take the place of a skectbook. The less valuable the paper is, the more you will draw. Students are often reluctant to just draw in a sketchbook, because they want their finished sketch to look presentable. When you’re learning, you can’t waste your time worrying about those trivial things. So more important than a sketchbook is regular, inexpensive copy paper.

ellipse guide 15-60 degrees

Ellipse Guide 15-60 Degrees (can be purchased from Hobby Lobby with 40% coupon for approx $4.50)

Model building TBA (To Be Announced)

Sculpting TBA

Digital tools: Any of these will work for now

Galaxy Tab S3/Galaxy Tab S4 using MediBang Paint software, Ipad +Apple Pencil using ProCreate software, or you can also bring in a laptop with a drawing tablet and pressure sensitive pen (Huoin, Wacom drawing tablets for example. You can even get a great Huoin tablet for $70) Recommended Software is Clip Studio Paint Pro which is a one-time charge of $50. You can also use Photoshop if you don’t mind the monthly charges.

*For future classes (TBA), we will learn more digital tools like the free 3D modeling software SketchUp for 3D ideation and underlays.

oranges FLtutor.comYou can also bring oranges since you can never have enough oranges