FAQ & Policies

Please be aware that policies can change at anytime so make sure to check back and read this page.


Lessons are not accredited. These are art lessons teaching fundamental art concepts and skills.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Only Year-Round Lessons have a 100% Money Back Guarantee for new students within the first 12 days of starting their first subject. 

Refund Policy

Receive a full refund if you cancel 8 days or more before the start date of any subject or special program, like the Summer Concept Art Trek for example. 75% refund if you cancel 7 days or less before the start date of any subject or program. We apologize, but we cannot provide refunds if you cancel in any situation other than those listed above.

Late Registration

Late registration is when you register 7 days or less before the start date of a subject or program.

Field Trips

Field trips are subject to weather conditions. If weather does not permit, we will have lessons in usual location.

Why do we use traditional and digital media for most classes?

Learning both traditional and digital media are equally important. Traditional media is more permanent, and requires you to think before making a mark and learn to plan ahead, which is an essential skill that makes you a more efficient and confident artist that anticipates what he/she is doing and not relying on Ctrl+Z. Traditional media also gives you invaluable training that lead into digital media tools. Digital media is important because of its limitless range and because it’s an industry standard. Most of our lessons stress traditional media and incorporate digital media towards the end.

Makeup Policy

If an instructor cannot arrive to teach a lesson due to unforeseen or emergency circumstances, it will be rescheduled for another day. If a student cannot attend a lesson, there are no makeups offered.