Painting demo from imagination for students. Cutcyscape and man riding motorcycle at high speed.
Demo showing students how to combine perspective, figures, vehicles and proportions in an imagined scene.

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Each topic with an asterisk * below represents one subject.

Subjects with ** require a prerequisite.

Each subject is 8 weeks, approx 2 months long, 28 hours of instruction.

Most subjects taught at NSU library unless Tate’s Comics is indicated.

*Character Anatomy from Imagination—Saturdays 3-6:30pm

Essential Human Anatomy

Basic Perspective



*Perspective – TBA

Most important art course you can take

Cubes, Ellipses, Multiplication

Draw-Through Objects

Figure & Vehicle Simplifications

*Environments TBA

Perspective Intro

General Architecture

Buildings, City Layout, Furniture


*Human Anatomy – TBA

Muscle & Skeletal Systems

Structure & Function


Perspective Intro

*Animal Anatomy TBAMuscle & Skeletal Systems

Structure & Function


Perspective Intro

Applied to Horses, Dogs and Big Cats

*Painting Basics TBA

Both Digital & Traditional

Perspective Intro

Tones & Color


*Figure Drawing – (TBA)

Gesture, Force, Movement & Balance

Perspective Intro

**Advanced Perspective – (TBA)

Relative Proportions & Interactions

of Figures, Props, & Vehicles in a Scene

**Advanced Human Anatomy- (TBA)

**Vehicles & Vehicle Deisgn- (TBA)

Basic Perspective Review

Structure & Function

Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Planes, Boats

**Rendering – (TBA)

Simple Forms

Light and Shadow

Materials Rendering

Cloth, Wood, Chrome, Metallic Surfaces

TBA=To Be Announced

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Skeleton being completed with muscles on top.
This is how we Anatomy at 🙂